Ranking Company Performance by Economic Value

CPI in Action

What is CPI?

CPI Overview (1-page summary)

Tutorial and Demo by Bennett Stewart (webcast)

CPI User’s Manual (PPT deck)

CPI Resources

CPI – The Corporate Performance Index (detailed write-up)

Why EVA and Not EPS is Used in CPI (cases on Amazon and Volkswagen)

What Really Determines TSR? (Journal of Applied Corporate Finance)

EVA Resources

Introduction to EVA and EVA Dimensions (7 page overview)

EVA 101 – the EVA Essentials explained by Bennett Stewart (45 minute video)

STOP using ROI

EVA vs ROI (video tutorial)

EVA is the Perfect Non-GAAP Measure

The EVA Cheat Sheet (on two pages)

Motivate Managers to Think and Act Like Owners (Memo)

EVA Software Solutions

Overview and Demos of the Solutions (videos)

NACD Directorship Article “Makes the Case for EVA (and CPI) vs. TSR”

National Association of Corporate Directors features CPI insights for board members

Farient CEO Robin Ferracone’s Forbes Interview with Bennett Stewart on Pay for Performance Alignment: TSR versus EVA

MAPI (the Manufacturer’s Alliance for Productivity and Innovation) features CPI

Corporate governance guru Nell Minow interviews Bennett Stewart on CPI vs TSR and EPS

Chief Executive magazine rates S&P 500 CEOs using CPI in its Wealth Creators Index

CPI Insights - research briefings through the lens of EVA and CPI

CPI Express Licensing Options

CPI Essentials: add in-depth metrics and benchmarks, an industry CPI/TSR grid,
and a comprehensive ranking table with an Excel export feature
CPI Premium: add ability to rate CPI against custom peer groups


Ball Corporation CEO John Hayes on EVA (video)

How Dow Chemical Uses EVA: Interview with President and COO Jim Fitterling (video)

Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris on EVA as a “Gamechanger” (video)

Borg Warner CFO Ron Hundzinski on Value of EVA and the Software Solution (video)

Interview with Paul Reitz, CEO, Titan International

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